When should one worry about breast cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Be Concerned If Symptoms Are PresentThe beginning of breast cancer is typically associated with a variety of symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, these symptoms include a lump in th... Read More »

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Should a 21 year old worry about cancer?

unless there is a history of cancer in your family it is probably unlikely. however it is perfectly natural to be worried about it, have a test if you are really worried

When should you worry about breathing rate in baby?

This is a tough one. It is tempting to say, "It wouldn't. Find another cause." Review the dose being administered. And look really hard for another cause for the behavioral change.

Should I Worry About High Mileage When Buying a Car?

Mileage is an odd sort of quantity where cars are concerned. On the one hand, high mileage always indicates that the car isn't in as new condition as one would prefer. On the other, the original ow... Read More »

When should you worry about swelling during pregnancy?

When you can't get your shoes back on , or your rings get tight, you may be in danger or developing pre-eclampsia or gestational hypertension. Don't hesitate to call your OB-GYN's nurse when in dou... Read More »