When should one feed Camellias?

Answer Every 2 months after the bloom cycle until late summer

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How to Care for Camellias?

An old-fashioned flower much beloved in many gardens, camellias come in many varieties. Once planted, it's important to tend for them to ensure that they continue to bloom beautifully every year. H... Read More »

Do Camellias Bloom?

There are more than 800 camellia varieties bearing flowers in colors that include reds, whites, pinks and yellows. Camellias will bloom with the proper care. As the days grow longer, the plants dev... Read More »

How many different kinds of camellias are there?

Camellias are many and varied. there are quite a few species including Camellia sinensis the plant that produces tea. There are also a large number of cultivars that you will find in nurserymens ca... Read More »

Are camellias poisonous?

The camellia is a safe, nonpoisonous plant, according to the University of Connecticut. Camellias are evergreen shrubs that are native to eastern and southern Asia.They produce flowers with colors ... Read More »