When should one drink water before, during or after meal?

Answer Drinking water before meal is best for health but must be half n hour before. you can also drink water after meal but after half n hour or one hour after meal would be better, but you should avoid... Read More »

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Can i drink instant water after taking meal Or any time frame for water?

You can drink upto or a bit more than 2 litres of water a day, at any time at all. Before during or after meals it doesn't matter.

When are the best times to drink water (I don't like drinking it during a meal, has no taste)?

When You're Thirsty... :)Water can have Taste. Just get those "Stir it up Singles" things. I Drink Water with EVERY Meal. Ok , it's Really Flavored Water , because I use those , but it's still Wate... Read More »

How long after a meal should a person drink green tea?

Some studies suggest that drinking green tea may have health benefits, including help fighting some types of cancer and aiding in weight loss. To maximize the benefits, green tea should be consumed... Read More »

A HAPPY QUESTION.........if you go out for a meal what is your favourite .food and drink?

Fish and chips, with a glass of coke!Good, proper english food, not foreign muck!