When should my dog get shots?

Answer When getting a puppy, adult dog or senior dog for a pet, providing the proper health care is vital to ensure good health. The veterinarian will explain when vaccinations are due and what vaccinatio... Read More »

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How should you comfort a child when their asthma is so bad they have to have allergy shots?

%DETAILS% Answer If you are talking about desensitization shots, having been through this with my child, these are things that worked:-explain that the shots will help her/him not to have so many a... Read More »

Should kids get flu shots?

Yes, children should get flu shots. Both the seasonal flu as well as the swine flu vaccinations. Children are the biggest spreader of viruses and also at high risk for the swine flu and flu complic... Read More »

How often should you get flu shots?

Seasonal flu vaccines should be taken annually about a month prior to the flu season.

Why should you get yearly flu shots for protection?

It is the best way to prevent the flu and from giving it to others if you catch it because you aren't vaccinated. Each year the vaccine protects against three different flu viruses, if you don't ge... Read More »