When should mandarin fruit be picked?

Answer Harvest after the skin has lost its greenish tinge.

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How long does it take a mandarin orange fruit to mature?

Mandarin oranges begin growing from trees once the tree has reached a height of approximately 4 feet, according to Online Gardening Tips. A sapling can take over a year to grow tall enough to start... Read More »

I ordered something from amazon thursday and i picked standard shipping when should i get my package?

Most likely tuesday. Depending where the package is being shipped from.

Have I just picked up a stinking virus What should I do?

Howdy Nikon...looks like you're bringing R&S out into the wild;)My first question would be this: Is it literally just shutting down? As in, no log off, no shutdown just looks as though ... Read More »

Should Nicki Minaj have been picked to judge American Idol?

Absolutely NOT. She was the worst choice American Idol could ever have made.