When should mandarin fruit be picked?

Answer Harvest after the skin has lost its greenish tinge.

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How long does it take a mandarin orange fruit to mature?

Mandarin oranges begin growing from trees once the tree has reached a height of approximately 4 feet, according to Online Gardening Tips. A sapling can take over a year to grow tall enough to start... Read More »

How to Say "Yes" and "No" in Mandarin?

The words "yes" and "no" are very important words in any language that are entirely necessary to know. This is a guide on how to say "yes" and "no" in Mandarin Chinese.

How to Eat a Mandarin Orange?

Mandarin oranges are thick skinned, peel easily and the orange it self separates into small bite sized pieces. You can buy them in cans on the shelf, but they are best eaten and enjoyed fresh in th... Read More »

How to Count to Ten in Mandarin?

Spoken Chinese has many forms (or dialects, if you will, though it is debatable whether they are actually languages in their own right). One of the more popular ones, arguably the lingua franca in ... Read More »