When should i wear make up?

Answer Yea I think 15 is fine

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When Should I Make My Son Wear an Athletic Cup?

Nannies in Ireland earn between 20,000 and 35,000 Euro per year, so it's a viable career option for those who love children and want to help them learn and grow. The Irish education and law authori... Read More »

I never wear make up. if i went on a date should i wear some?

If you would be comfortable doing that and it makes you feel pretty and confident, go for it!

Should I wear jeans to bed when on period?

you could wear jeans if you like but remember that tight restricting clothes can cause yeast infections so you want to wear loose items once in a while to prevent that. maybe you could try leggings... Read More »

When should you wear a lifting belt?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsA lifting belt can help when lifting heavy weights that place pressure on the back such as the barbell squat and barbell dead lift. It keeps the lower back from roun... Read More »