When should i replace my gas furnace?

Answer On One Hand: Replacement Can Be Worth ItWhen it comes to energy savings, replacing a gas furnace can be worth it. Replacing an old gas furnace with a more fuel-efficient system can substantially cu... Read More »

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My furnace won't start up when my thermostat is showing it should be on Its not thermostat, got a new one?

If you don't understand equipment, find someone who does and or call a heating and air repair company. The problem could be any number of things. You have already wasted money on the thermostat t... Read More »

How hot should a furnace be?

Answer It depends on the type of furnace and the manufacturer.

How to Replace a Furnace Ignitor?

If you have a relatively new furnace it is probably equipped with a hot-surface ignitor. These ignite the gas when your furnace turns on. Electricity passes through the ignitors and causes them to ... Read More »

Can I replace my furnace board?

rebuilding a furnace is never really the cheapest way to go but depending how old it is you may be able to but it may also be cheaper to replace it in the long run