When should i regenerate my water softener?

Answer On One Hand: Depends on Tank Size and Water HardnessTo get a rough idea how often you should regenerate your water softener, take your tank size in grains, divide it by the hardness of your water i... Read More »

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What should i set the water hardness at on a water softener?

On One Hand: Hard Water Can Cause DamageA high mineral content accounts for the phenomenon known as "hard water," according Texas A&M University. Consumers often want to use water softeners because... Read More »

How high should I set my water softener for hardness?

Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, in particular magnesium and calcium. How high you set your water softener for hardness depends on the hardness rating of the water. A water tes... Read More »

What size amp should be used for water softener?

I believe your question is ... how large of a circuit (ie how much current) does a typical water softener require.Most household water softeners use very little power (and some, like those from Kin... Read More »

When do I add salt to my water softener?

On One Hand: Every eight weeksYou do not need an exact amount of salt in your brine tank, however, you need to replace salt when you can see water laying on top of the salt. How often is that? It d... Read More »