When should i clean my baby's ears?

Answer On One Hand: Once a Day CleaningAccording to Baby Meeting, cleaning a baby's ears should take place once a day. It states, "Wipe behind your baby's ears and around the outside of each ear." This is... Read More »

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Should I Clean My Gauged Ears With Alcohol?

Turn signal flashers are small, metal canisters containing an interrupt and clicker for the turn signal circuit. When you activate your turn signals, the signal goes through the flasher, which cuts... Read More »

Should the hospital have spotted your babys hip dysplasia when born and not your gp?

find a doctor FAST! there might be something wrong with your child. If the doctor says that all is fine, visit one more doctor just in case. but remember that children are tricky, and your little a... Read More »

When should a dog's ears be cropped?

On One Hand: Many Breed Standards Call for CroppingIf a puppy is to be shown in conformation classes, many breed standards state that it is preferred for some dogs to have cropped ears. While not r... Read More »

When should I get my daughter's ears pierced?

When she's old enough to make a conscious decision to do so herself. That's just my advice, do what you feel is best though.