When should comprehensive car coverage be dropped?

Answer In the United States, car insurance offers liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. New Hampshire and Wisconsin are the only two states that do not require liability on your car insurance. ... Read More »

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How old should a truck be when it is logical to drop from full coverage to only having PLPD coverage?

What Is Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

Insurance protects you, your family and your property. By paying money to an insurance provider, you make sure that the insurance provider will cover losses you might experience unexpectedly. Howev... Read More »

What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage?

When discussing auto insurance, "comprehensive coverage" is a term frequently used along with collision and liability coverage, but is the coverage least understood by many motorists. Basically, co... Read More »

When should you stop comprehensive collision insurance?

On One Hand: Good Coverage for a New CarHaving collision and comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy is a smart way to protect your investment when you buy a new automobile. Collision insur... Read More »