When should children ride without booster seats?

Answer Children get frustrated being stuck in their booster seats and can't wait to ride in a car like an adult, with seat belts alone. Knowing the facts about when to make the transition to riding withou... Read More »

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How Long Should Children Be in Booster Seats?

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At what age can children use booster seats in Rhode Island?

As of September 2009, a child in Rhode Island must use a car booster seat until he turns eight, weighs at least 80 pounds or is a minimum of 57 inches in height. The lives of more than 8,700 childr... Read More »

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends keeping your children in booster seats until they are at least old?

Yes it is. You are only 11 years old and should be curious about your own body, not someone elses. PLEASE, spend time on your own body before going to his. You have no business experimenting with s... Read More »

Are high back booster seats safer than no back booster seats?

My understanding is that it's related to how the shoulder strap sits on the child and it may vary from vehicle to vehicle. The high back boosters generally have a strap holder that keeps the strap ... Read More »