When should blood be checked using clindamycin?

Answer A doctor may order blood tests during a course of treatment with clindamycin to see if the antibiotic is working, according to Medline Plus. Whether these tests are necessary and when they will be ... Read More »

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Checked my blood sugar and its above 300?

Your already considering going to the doctor. NOW GO!

how are blood sugar levels checked?

You and your child may need to learn how to check his blood sugars. Caregivers will teach you how to use a glucose monitor. This is a small device that tells how much sugar is in the blood. The mon... Read More »

How much time should pass after eating before blood pressure is checked?

Wait half an hour or more after eating before you check your blood pressure after eating. Also wait at least that long after exercising, consuming caffeine or smoking. In addition, be sure to relax... Read More »

My husband just checked his blood sugar, it said 347, does he have diabetes no doubt about it?

347 means, not only does he have it, it's pretty bad. Provided the measurement was accurate, that is. Normal should never go over 140... even if it's within a couple of hours after you slug down a ... Read More »