When should birth control be discontinued to get pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Stop Birth Control ImmediatelyIt makes sense--stopping birth control immediately after deciding to try to conceive. This works well if you are using a non-hormonal method of birth cont... Read More »

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When should I go off my birth control pill if I want to trick my bf into getting me pregnant?

When you get pregnant, just tell him that his sperm was just too awesome, and barreled through your cervix and hit it's target. This will boost his confidence/ego, and ease him into proposal.

How long should you wait to get pregnant after stopping birth control?

AnswerThe funny thing is that if you get pregnant within the first few months of stopping birth control you are much more likely to conceive twins...however depending on the type and the lenght of ... Read More »

What are the risks of taking birth control when pregnant?

Around 2 percent to 5 percent of women become unknowingly pregnant with the use of birth control. Do not become too alarmed if this has happened to you, as there is very little evidence that taking... Read More »

When should I stop birth control?

Whether you are ready to have children or going through menopause, knowing when to stop birth control is important. Depending on the method of birth control, the time it takes to conceive may vary.... Read More »