When should babies have water?

Answer 6 months is safe to start. Since all babies are different, your baby might want it before, after, or the same, 6 months. Make sure that you do not give so much water that the child does not get eno... Read More »

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At what age can babies drink water?

Babies should not drink water before 7 months of age. In the early months of life, babies should be drinking breast milk or formula exclusively, even in the hot summer months. They have tiny tummie... Read More »

How to Introduce Water to Babies?

Giving water to your baby earlier than six months of age can interfere with the necessary daily intake of nutrients from breastmilk or baby formula. Water gives a young baby the sensation of feelin... Read More »

Babies drinking pool water?

Don't let them drink it. Chances are, a little won't hurt them, but its not a good habit to deveplop. Especially, if there are alot of chemicals in it.

Can babies swim once they are born in water?