When should a ten year old go to bed?

Answer Ten year olds should get about 10-11 hours of sleep on school days or days they have to wake up earlier. On holidays and weekends, they should be allowed to stay up a bit later, maybe 30 minutes to... Read More »

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How long should a 14 year old boy last when having sex?

umm idk, im about to be 14 and i only really last about 2-3 mins, but if you masterbate before sex i can prob last like 7-9 mins.

What should an 11 year old do when shes bored?

As in Hummus? Ground up chic peas, and garlic I can't see why that wouldn't be good for you.

What should a 15-year-old do when she is raped and then finds out she is pregnant?

Answer Any questions you have should be directed to your Dr. being so young. I hope you have been to the Dr. as well as the police. You need to get checked for possible STD's which could harm yo... Read More »

When should you take your five year old to the emergency with a fever?

I would say if there is a strange rash along with it or something. OR if the fever is over 103