When should I wash my bed sheets?

Answer Bed sheets harbor dust mites, which feed on dead skin cells and can cause allergic reactions. You should wash your bed sheets in hot water at least every two weeks to kill dust mites.Source:Environ... Read More »

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How often should you wash the sheets on your bed?

Should I Wash New Sheets Before I Put Them on My Bed?

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Is it true you should wash your sheets every week?

absolutely! bed mites cause ear infections, insomnia and many more subtle problemsclean your sheets and cases every week and air your other bedding and pillows often!

I got blood on my sheets. What temp should I wash them on?

Use peroxide to scrub out the blood and wash them in cold water to see if the stain is 100% gone. Hot will set the stain. peroxide will bubble the blood away, just as it does on cuts. I promise ... Read More »