When should I use faster ISO?

Answer When you can't get sharp images with the ISO you have, because the shutter speed becomes too slow.Examples include poor lighting, like for night shots or concerts, and fast-moving subjects, like in... Read More »

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When I have sugar my geart races faster and when I don't...?

sounds like hypoglycemia, go get checked at the doctors.

Does a bruise heal faster when left open or when under bandaging?

Hi Batman. I don't have any real medical advice, and I'm the worst one for being unable to quote medical jargon. Please keep that in mind as I tell you what I would do.When you fell and visited t... Read More »

Should I Change My Processor or My RAM for a Faster PC?

Montana levies taxes in a broad variety of categories including personal and business income, property, and the purchases of gasoline, cigarettes and alcohol. Montana does not charge a sales or us... Read More »

I need help making my computer run faster. What should I do?

there are these:first, remove all unwanted softwares and allsoftwares that you barely even use. th lesser space there is in ur drive, the slower it runs.go to start> control panel> add re... Read More »