When should I turn my savings into an annuity?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits of AnnuitiesMoney in savings accounts receives lower rates of interest than money in annuities. Interest earned on savings accounts is taxable. Investors do not have to pay ta... Read More »

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How to Turn a 401k Into an Annuity?

Many companies allow employees to participate in 401k plans. When employees leave a company, they must decide what to do with funds invested in their 401k plans. Some companies require former emplo... Read More »

When budgeting my pay check, how much should I put away into vacation and long term savings?

Make an effort to save at LEAST 10% every paycheck. Save up about 6 months of living expenses, then start investing. See for calculators and rate info that will show you how much y... Read More »

As an annuity holder with aig I have recently asked for a portion of my annuity and am wondering when i may receive it in the mail?

My wife receives a monthly annuity from AIG and usually gets it on the same calendar day every month.

Is there a potion that can turn you into a mermaid when you touch water and not when you're dry?

No. Mermaids are not real and nothing can change you into a a mermaid. They are creatures that are made up in stories and magic isn't real that can change you into anything.