When should I tell mah girl?

Answer thats so messed up that i lol'ed. dude if you are bi then you need to tell your gf immediately and tell her the truth and tell her that you have been cheating on her with a dude. man that is funny.

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When should I tell by BF that I'm HIV +?

You are 9 months too late. I personally would cut you loose for the deception not the HIV. you have possibly destroyed an individual.brutal honesty is the only way to get through this as soon as po... Read More »

When should I tell my boyfriend I have cancer?

Tell him now. 1) you need the support.2) If he's going to run; best let him run now before you're emotionally attached.Truth is always the best policy.

How can you tell when your vacuum cleaner should be replaced?

You can tell that your vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced when it quits working properly. Signs of that include the belt quits turning or the vacuum quits picking up dirt.

When should you tell your child they were adopted?

There is never been a 'right time' to tell a child they are adopted. It depends on the child, the parents and what morals, ethics guide them. I know of a little girl who is 10 and has yet to find ... Read More »