When should I take mutual fund profits?

Answer On One Hand: Mutual Funds Automatically Take ProfitsMutual funds are required to pay out profits from investment trading once a year as capital gains. If your mutual fund has had a good year, it wi... Read More »

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Should I Cash in My Mutual Fund Stocks?

Indexed annuities are a particular type of annuity that credits interest based on the upward movement of an underlying stock index. The index is usually the Standard & Poors 500, but can also be th... Read More »

Why should I choose to invest in a mutual fund?

Mutual funds invest money from several investors into a portfolio of securities. Mutual funds commonly invest in bonds, stocks and short term securities. If you choose to invest in a mutual fund, c... Read More »

Should I Switch to an Annuity From a Mutual Fund?

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When was the first mutual fund established?

Although the history is murky, it is thought the first mutual fund was created by a Dutch merchant named Adriaan Van Ketwich in 1774. Van Ketwich was the first to package and sell investors stakes ... Read More »