When should I stop rocking my baby to sleep?

Answer On One Hand: Feeding and RockingWhether you are nursing or using a bottle, rocking your baby while feeding him is a simple and natural way to ease him into sleep. The child develops a strong bond w... Read More »

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How do you get your baby to sleep without creating associations like nursing pacifier use or rocking?

we installed black out blinds on both our babies windows, see link below:we also have a toy that lives on the side of the cot that plays music and rain noises

How do I stop a squeak in a rocking chair?

Tightening Screws and BoltsSlowly tighten any screws throughout the rocking chair using a screwdriver. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten it. Use a wrench to tighten bolts in a clockwise direction... Read More »

How to Stop a Rocking Chair from Moving Across the Floor?

Rocking on a rocking chair should be a restful experience. If your chair is taking you for a ride across the floor, however, it is less restful and more like exercise. This article provides a solut... Read More »

Is it ok to give Melatonin to a 18 month old baby to help the baby sleep?

There will be no short term side affects to this, but long term you will mess up your child's ability to properly produce melatonin. Melatonin is produced by our brains, and when you supplement it ... Read More »