When should I start wearing maternity clothing?

Answer On One Hand: Maternity Clothes Provide ComfortMaternity clothes allow for the comfort of a mother-to-be during her pregnancy. Many women will begin to gain weight, and show, prior to or at the begi... Read More »

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When should I start wearing makeup?

eh, i started around seventh grade, but it was pretty natural. you should be fine if you start wearing natural makeup then graually increase, but please don't be those girls with mascara up to thie... Read More »

When should I start wearing a thong?

Haha it's up to you! Most girls wear thongs to look super mature in front of their friends, but in my opinion they are kinda slutty looking :/ I'm 14 too! I have thongs, but I really hardly ever we... Read More »

When should you start wearing makeup?

when you start to look bad without makeup. i know a lot of girls who wear makeup but look better without it! its ridiculous. just start wearing makeup once you start loooking not so great without i... Read More »

Im going to 6th grade when do u think i should start wearing makeup and how much?

All I let my daughter do is a little eyeshadow and lipgloss, nothing else...nothing bright either..