When should I send out my kids' birthday party invites for a combo birthday party and a few q re etiquette?

Answer About 3 weeks to a month at most it gives them time to take off work or make sure there free but not so early that they won't remember. And its not rude just put gifts optional and list things your... Read More »

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What is the etiquette for a 50th birthday party?

50 may be the new 40, but the adage doesn't make aging any easier. 50th birthday parties are popular for the opportunities to razz the birthday person, but be careful to understand the tone of the ... Read More »

RSVP Etiquette for Second-Grade Birthday Party Invitations?

As your child grows older and makes new friends, both in and out of school, your mailbox may start to get its share of birthday party invitations. To make things easier for the party host, sending ... Read More »

Birthday Party Decorations for The Wiz Themed Birthday Party?

Well you could have everyone dress up and buy black lights so people can wear bright makeup and clothes that show in the black light. Also you can make a cake that cooperates with the black light o... Read More »

How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party?

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