When should I replace Aquasana filters?

Answer On One Hand: Replacement Depends on UseAccording to Aquasana, filters require replacement every 500 gallons of water used. Aquasana's filtration system uses a combination of carbon, sub-micron and ... Read More »

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Who makes Aquasana shower filters?

Aquasana shower filters are manufactured by Sun Water Systems, Inc. The company is located in Haltom City, Texas, and also manufactures drinking water, whole house filters and personal water bottle... Read More »

How often should you replace faucet water filters?

Faucet water systems vary, but Brita and PUR--two of the largest manufacturers of such systems--recommends replacing their brand of faucet water filter cartridges every 100 gallons of use. This us... Read More »

When should Pur water filters be changed on model FM-3333?

The Pur Water model FM-3333 sink attachment lets you run up to 100 gallons of water through the filters. It lasts about two to three months and should be changed regularly for best performance.Sour... Read More »

What filters should you have for your camera I have a Nikon D 7000 Camera and I am trying to find out what starting filters for my camera I should have as a minimum?

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