When should I replace Aquasana filters?

Answer On One Hand: Replacement Depends on UseAccording to Aquasana, filters require replacement every 500 gallons of water used. Aquasana's filtration system uses a combination of carbon, sub-micron and ... Read More »

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Who makes Aquasana shower filters?

Aquasana shower filters are manufactured by Sun Water Systems, Inc. The company is located in Haltom City, Texas, and also manufactures drinking water, whole house filters and personal water bottle... Read More »

How to Replace Air Cabin Filters?

A cabin air filter on any vehicle serves the same purpose -- to keep impurities such as dust, debris and pollen from entering into the cab of the vehicle. The cabin air filter has elongated fibers ... Read More »

How to Replace Car Filters & Air Conditioners?

A car filter and air conditioner change is a quick and easy job that most people can do. It takes only a few minutes and can save a person money on maintenance bills. A car filter and air condition... Read More »

How to Replace the Air Filters in an Escape Hybrid?

Like any other vehicle, the Ford Escape Hybrid relies on its owner to maintain the vehicle properly. While an air filter might not seem as crucial to a vehicle as, say, an oil change, the air filte... Read More »