When should I plant spring bulbs?

Answer On One Hand: Southern StatesThe schedule for planting spring bulbs depends on where you live and your climate, but you should never plant spring bulbs before the last frost date. In general, Southe... Read More »

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When do you plant spring bulbs?

Do not plant spring bulbs until the cool weather has become permanent for the winter with the daytime temperatures at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, according to the Master Gardeners. It is... Read More »

How do i plant spring bulbs late?

In-GroundExamine the bulbs. Discard bulbs that are soft, mushy or moldy. Plant the bulbs, according to the needs of the variety, as soon as possible, even in mid-winter or in frozen soil. Bulbs are... Read More »

How do i plant spring bulbs in the fall?

Plant spring bulbs after the leaves have started to fall from the trees but before the first frost. Dig a hole as deep as the recommended depth for the particular type of bulb. It should be just sl... Read More »

How do I plant spring flowering bulbs?

TypesAdd color to your gardens with selections of gladiolus, calla lilies, caladium and lilies or dahlias. Gladiolus come in a variety of solid colors and bi-colors. Try planting pink lilies with r... Read More »