When should I go to bed after eating at that time and drinking coke?

Answer Leave it about 2/3 before going to bed, after foodfish and chips gresey so shouldnt really eat that after 7pm drink some milk before you go to bed if u have a gresey meal late at night

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Can coke cause depression // anxiety Is over-drinking coke bad?

It probably won't cause depression....but 1 coke a day isnt very healthy

Is drinking coke bad?

Is drinking too much diet coke bad?

Actually, it can be worse for you than drinking ordinary Coke. Both ordinary and Diet Coke will do the following:-weaken teeth due to the leaching effect of the carbon dioxide fizz on the minerals... Read More »

Why is drinking coke bad for your body?

Drinking soda pop products like Coke can feel refreshing on a hot day. However, the consequences of that pleasure--such as obesity, and osteoporosis--may persuade long-term pop drinkers that modera... Read More »