When should I get a pell grant?

Answer You need to educate yourself in the way financial aid works, first of all. I'm adding a link you need to read. For some reason, Univ of Phoenix students arent well versed in this. You don't quali... Read More »

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When is the Pell Grant awarded?

Pell Grants are allocated according to an award year that runs from July 1 to June 30. Each educational institution informs its students how much money they will receive and how it will be disburse... Read More »

When did the Pell Grant program start?

The Higher Education Act established the Pell Grant in 1965. It is named for Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, a champion for better education of the poor. The maximum amount awarded to quali... Read More »

What happens when the EFC on a Pell grant is high?

A Pell grant is a needs-based grant the federal government offers students attending an accredited college or university. The EFC is the "expected family contribution." It is part of the formula th... Read More »

Is an EFC of 1576 good, does anyone know about how much I should get from the Pell grant?

$3181.00 (half in the fall and half in the spring) if you meet about a MILLION other requirements and attend full time.