When should I change therapists?

Answer On One Hand: Finding CourageAsk yourself why you want to change therapists now. If you did not like what a therapist said on your last visit, go back and talk about that. Resisting therapy due to a... Read More »

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When Should You Change a Timing Chain in a Car?

Your car's timing chain is tasked with operating the inlet and exhaust valve gear at the precise moment during the piston's stroke cycle. When the timing chain, which is sometimes referred as a ti... Read More »

When should I change my timing belt on my car?

On One Hand: Car Manufacturer's RecommendationsA standard replacement period for the timing belt will fall between 50,000 and 100,000 driven miles. The owner's manual or service manual for your par... Read More »

When should i change my shock absorbers?

On One Hand: Mileage GuidelinesSome manufacturers recommend that you inspect and possibly change shock absorbers between 60,000 to 75,000 miles. This number may vary if you have driven a lot on rou... Read More »

When Should You Change an Oxygen Sensor?

Keeping your car's oxygen sensor in good working condition is important for the health and performance of your car. The oxygen sensor helps your car's engine produce relatively few emissions, and a... Read More »