When shopping for renter's insurance what features should you look for?

Answer The coverage features you should look for when shopping for renters insurance should include protection of your personal belongings against damage from things such as fire, smoke, storms, vandalism... Read More »

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If you do not get insurance through your new employer and your wife if pregnant where can you get insurance now and what should you look for when shopping around?

What defense is available for a tenant with no renters insurance when a fire was started by another tenants negligence who had renters insurance?

What should one look for when shopping for a new digital Camera?

I don't know if you want it compact or not, so hear are my 50 cents. I have a 5.1 meg and can print a 19 x 15 to date you can not find one with less than 7. I would not worry about that. If size is... Read More »

What should you do when subrogation claim against me and no renters insurance?