When sending e-mails, can others pick them up, threw a router?

Answer Then you're on someone elses' wireless line and it is not secured, it's nothing to do with email's, but the email's will be sent (if you sent any using their wireless connection) under their IP #.A... Read More »

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How to get Twitter to stop sending me e-mails?

Click on the gear thing in the top right and then at settings, then go to email notifications on the left and un tick everything.

Gardeners: Is it better to ripen tomatoes on the vine or pick them when they are mature and ripen them?

Tomatoes ripened on the vine do taste better and is what I would recommend (more tomato flavour), however you run a slightly higher risk that bugs will start eating away the tomato depending on whe... Read More »

What was the name of the 90s kids tv show on citv where a person had to go round a virtual dungeon with a helmet on that 'blindfolded' them and two others watching them on a tv screen guided them?

Somebody is hacking my e-mails how can I stop them?

I had the same problem, I couldn't change my security question (yahoo wouldn't let me) so I changed my zip code and that stopped it! ;)