When searching captured and detained personnel who on the search team is positioned on the opposite side of the detainee from the searcher?

Answer The Soldier guarding the detainee

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Can opposite sex military personnel share a hotel room on official travel?

No. It is not the LOCATION of the billet that is significant. The same regulations apply as would apply on a military installation - it is the relationship between the genders that matters. Unless ... Read More »

Can the cheesecakes be baked side by side in the center of the oven or on separate racks positioned near the oven's center?

Of course. Gas-powered ovens as well as microwave ovens are very common. More traditional ovens include wood and coal-powered ovens, but those are mostly found on small villages and cities.

Faster google searching while using the search box or omni box?

You may need to chose a different web browser.If this doesn't work your computer's internet connection probably isn't fast enough.

Why do men's clothes button on the opposite side as women's?

I saw a show on this once. Women's buttons are opposite from men's side (vise versa) because back then maids or servants would button a woman's buttons for her, so the buttons would be on the side ... Read More »