When riding a bike or walking on a side street do you walk with or against the traffic?

Answer Straight out of the California Driver Handbook:Bicyclists on public streets have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers. Respect the right-of-way of bicyclists because they are ... Read More »

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What kind of motorcycles are you riding, street bike, scooter, sport bike What brand, model, engine is it?

I ride a 50cc Honda Dio, bored & stroked to 100cc. It's really quick and easy to ride in the rain. It's small enough that I can bring it in the house at night. But it's getting old. I think my ne... Read More »

Does walking or riding a bike burn more calories?

Calorie expenditure is determined by two factors: speed or intensity and body weight. Factoring in walking speed and individual body weight, walking burns a range of 2.4 to 6.8 calories per minute ... Read More »

I want to tone my thighs and arms. I'm gonna start riding a bike and walking...will this help?

Biking will help you tones you thighs and arms and you do for an hour a day for a couple of months before you see a difference.

When walking with a girl what side does the guy walk on?