When rice is polished, what is the name of the hard, whited substance that is left?

Answer Well, if the husk, bran, and germ are removed during polishing, whats left is either the grain or the kernel

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Why it is said that rice is fattening when most of the states in INDIA have rice as their staple food...?

rice is very starchy (like bread) and full of carbs. in countries like America, the rice is processed and made in a very disgusting, unnatural way...the rice in India is probably much much cleaner ... Read More »

What is the substance released into the bloodstream that makes you feel sleepy when you've had a huge meal?

Can you name 3 Foods that you like with Rice?

Hi Scooter, Beef with gravy and rice.. Orange chicken and rice.. Pork with rice and broccoli..All very good and a green salad with all 3..Yummy..Good Night Scooter sweet dreams..Your Friend,poppy1

Is anything left on a hard drive when the history is cleaned?

Cleaning history on your computer does not delete everything on your hard drive. Cleaning history refers to erasing information that your browser stores on your computer from websites you visit. Ty... Read More »