When reporting a malfunctioning railroad gate what are the advantages of calling the railroad VS the police?

Answer The railroad can get it repaired and immediatly notify any approaching trains to stop and protect the crossing. All crossings are required to have a sign posted with an emergency number to call and... Read More »

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Is it considered "Stealing" to take railroad spikes from a railroad, please see more info before answer?

Technically yes.If it's on railroad property and it's obviously from the railroad then it belongs to them.Your already breaking the law by trespassing.

If you approach a railroad track where the gate has come down or lights are flashing, you should stop:?

I don't know what state you're in, but as an answer from a practical standpoint, 50 feet. That might not be the test answer, you understand, so don't use it as an answer there, but that's what any... Read More »

Which is better, a railroad snow plow or a railroad snow blower?

Actually, the Union Pacific keeps a small fleet of snow-blowers for when they are needed to clear out heavy snow drifts, particularly on the Donner Pass. There are other roads that still keep rotar... Read More »

Railroad Uses for Oil?

When you think of oil, you most likely think of gasoline, which is made from it, but so are several other products. One barrel of oil can make 12 different products, and railroads use a few of thes... Read More »