When reformatting a hard drive do you lose everything on the drive?

Answer You lost everything. And I am so sorry for your loss!

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I want to upgrade my hard drive, is there a way to transfer everything to the new drive?

Depends what you are trying to do.Cant you just add the new drive and keep the existing one.If you cant you can take an image of your existing one and transfer it to the new one.Or you can re insta... Read More »

Directions for Reformatting a Hard Drive?

After years of use, a hard drive may have bits and pieces of old files stored on it, corrupt sectors and maybe even a dangerous virus or two. Instead of attempting to clean up the drive manually, y... Read More »

Can reformatting an internal hard drive fix a firmware corruption?

If firmware corruption is the problem then no it won't, formatting the hard drive simply erases the data on the platters. The firmware is coded into a ROM on the circuit board. You need to rewrite ... Read More »

What to back up before reformatting a hard drive?

Before reformatting a hard drive, transfer anything you put on the computer to a USB drive or disk. Items to back up before reformatting include any saved emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets... Read More »