What state is Springfield in The Simpsons in?

Answer The town of Springfield from The Simpsons is not in any particular state. That's part of its charm. Springfield is 'Everytown, U.S.A,' and that's what makes it work in this animated TV series. Fro... Read More »

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Can anybody tell me the cartoon and or name of the female human cartoon character who played a Southern belle and who often uttered the phrase really I do really?

"Goldimouse and the Three Cats " - [5.23 minutes into the cartoon.] see link to the cartoon .

What is CSS when referring to the US military?

CSS refers to Confederate States Ship as in the name CSS Shenadoah. CSS also refers to combat Service Support.

Pls tell us soon cus we're at skool Who is the character that says skinner in the simpsons?

Do you need to put a trademark symbol when referring to PowerPoint?

Yes, when referring to PowerPoint which is a Microsoft product, one must include the trademark symbol (â„¢). Microsoft requires that this trademark symbol be used when referring to Microsoft PowerP... Read More »