When recycle bin is empty, where are all the items move to in your computer?

Answer Nothing moves. When you save a file, it's recorded on the hard disk. There's another file on the hard disk that tells the Windows where everything is.When you delete it, the "where it is" file is... Read More »

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When you delete something on your computer from the Recycle bin, where does it go?

Most of these answers are in the category of close, but no banana.Technically, what happens in a FAT (file allocation table) or FAT 32 system is that an E5 is written to the first two characters in... Read More »

After i empty my recycle bin, where do the deleted files go?

Technically they don't go anywhere and are still located on your hard drive.Your hard drive has a table of contents of sorts called the "File Allocation Table". What deleting a file does is actual... Read More »

Where can we recycle empty printer inkjet cartridges not made by the original manufacturer?

If you buy ink cartridges from tesco they give you a recycling bag in the box. They are free post and will take any manufacturer. You have the choice of donating £1 to charity or getting 1 Green p... Read More »

If i delete pictures from my computer and empty recycle bin can these pictures be retrieved some how?

Files emptied from the recycle bin can be retrieved. They are intact except the file name is renamed with a ? in the front. With use, you computer may need that hard drive space and will write ov... Read More »