When recycle bin is empty, where are all the items move to in your computer?

Answer Nothing moves. When you save a file, it's recorded on the hard disk. There's another file on the hard disk that tells the Windows where everything is.When you delete it, the "where it is" file is... Read More »

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If I move an item to the recycle bin, does it no longer take up my computer's memory?

deleting to the recycle bin, just moves the files into a diffrent folder.they are still there and still take up the same amount of space on your hard drive as they did befor they were deleted.once ... Read More »

If i delete pictures from my computer and empty recycle bin can these pictures be retrieved some how?

Files emptied from the recycle bin can be retrieved. They are intact except the file name is renamed with a ? in the front. With use, you computer may need that hard drive space and will write ov... Read More »

How to Find & Empty a Recycle Bin?

The recycle bin on your computer cannot be removed, even if you delete the desktop icon. Even if the recycle bin is deactivated, files are temporarily stored within the bin after you delete them. I... Read More »

How to Recycle Empty Oil Containers?

Oil changes in automobiles generate massive amounts of oily waste, including the used motor oil, the oil filter, and any oil-soaked rags used to clean spills. Recycling and decontamination efforts ... Read More »