When putting in a tampon?

Answer Sometimes a tampon can press against your bladder when you're inserting it, so that feeling is normal.Usually people pee before inserting a new tampon.You're fine to pee with a tampon in.

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How to Insert a Tampon when You're Nervous?

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Tampon is turning to the side when inserted?

are you Angling the tampon more towards your Lower back area & Not just straight up? your vagina is Curved- kind of like an "S"

How old were you when you first used a tampon?

I was 12 when I got my period, and I'm 14 and don't wear tampons. I've tried twice, but they just don't feel right, so I take them out. I perfer pads,soo...

How to Know when You're Ready to Start Using a Tampon?

Before you learn how to use a tampon, you have to determine if you're ready.