When purchasing automobile insurance, what should I consider?

Answer On One Hand: Consider State LawEvery state has a different law regarding auto insurance. Check with your state insurance department to get the current regulations. It is important to know exactly ... Read More »

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What Types of Auto Insurance Do I Need When Purchasing a Used Car?

It's important for a motorist to check with his insurance agent or the department of motor vehicles in his state of residence when unsure about what types of auto insurance are required to meet the... Read More »

Do I need title insurance when purchasing land?

Title insurance is not required when purchasing land, but it can be beneficial. Title insurance protects the landowner in the event of previous owners claiming ownership. It is a one-time fee paid ... Read More »

Any advice on purchasing life insurance, what's the difference....?

What's the difference between the two? The obvious difference is the premium amount. For example, if you had a $100,000 coverage and you bought whole life, it would cost you around a $1000/year for... Read More »

What are the advantages to purchasing apartment renters insurance?

The main advantage to purchasing apartment renter's insurance would be that your belonging will be insured if disaster should strike.If a fire occurred they would pay you to replace your items.