When photography camera was invented?

Answer The first known photograph was taken in 1825 by "Niecphore Niepce." however the camera obscura and pinhole cameras were developed before that, they just had no way of recording the image that was p... Read More »

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When was digital photography invented?

The first digital photography was invented in 1994 by Kodak and Hewlet-Packard.

When was color photography invented?

AnswerThe first color plate, Autochrome, invented by the French Lumière brothers, reached the market in 1907. it took them a long while to be able to make a lard big enough to fit the pot. It was ... Read More »

When was colored photography films invented?

In 1935, Kodak released its Kodachrome film, which was the first consumer color film.

What Germany camera company revolutionized the world of photography in 1930 when it introduced 35 mm film in a canister?