Whats it like to be rolling on molly (pure ecstasy)?

Answer You take molly the same way you take any roll. It won't be pressed into a pill because you can't press molly so it'll be in a bag or a capsule. You can then swallow the capsule or remove it from th... Read More »

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Do you get annoyed when people take advantage of a situation so they can come in here?

What do people do for a car seat when they take a taxi with a baby?

Usually have them on a lap unless they are that small and are in a carrier.

Why so people take up smoking when they know it is going to cause them serious harm?

It starts with as fashion. Gets as habit. Then goes as addiction. At this point of time one will not be able to withdraw.

Is there a way to find out whos calling when they call unavalible?

no!!! if the other party uses *67 to call you.....then there is nothing you can do, but prevent them from calling you again using*67!use *77!!! which is ACR....anonymous call know... Read More »