Whats it like to be rolling on molly (pure ecstasy)?

Answer You take molly the same way you take any roll. It won't be pressed into a pill because you can't press molly so it'll be in a bag or a capsule. You can then swallow the capsule or remove it from th... Read More »

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Why do people call Adalia Rose beautiful but have no problem with calling average people ugly?

Adalia is gorgeous on the inside, even if she's not on the outside. im sure most people dont think shes attractive, but honestly, no one would admit that.thats just how society works, were too sens... Read More »

What do I do if people I don't know keep calling?

How to Deal With People Calling You Emo?

"emo girl"Are you being called emo at school or by your friends? Here is what may help.

How do I get these people to stop calling me?

I have a thing called a Zapper from Walmart, everytime a caller calls that turns out to be an unwanted call, you push a button on the Zapper and that number will not be allowed to call again, ever.... Read More »