When people say you have nice teeth does that also means you have nice smile?

Answer yesby the way can you please answer my question? an answer would be greatly appreciated :) thank you in advance :);…

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What kind of dental procedure have you done to have a nice smile & beautifull teeth.?

How can you have a nice smile?

frist of all no one has an ugly smile your smile is something that comes from your center of expersion. that shows your happy

Should I get braces Is my smile nice?

Based on smile alone, I wouldn't say you need braces. I actually think gaps like that are interesting. "Perfect" smiles are nice and all, but they're a bit bland, so small quirks are a good thing, ... Read More »

Usually we see Amercians with really good teeth, but do all Americans have nice teeth?

Not if they live in a trailer park and play a banjo, they don't!