When people say a dink of beer?

Answer People always said that it is a cans.

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When and why did people start putting limes in their beer?

It seems to have started with Corona, which tastes the way skunks smell unless neutralized by the acid in the lime juice. Funny. there ARE good Mexican beers; Corona isn't one of them but has good ... Read More »

Will beer snobs of craft beer ever leave the good people alone on YA?

Look being wild in producing stupid fruit beer or coffee beer or some other stupid flavored beer that appeals to the immature mind and non existent control of brewing skills does not equate to a qu... Read More »

DIY Shrinky Dink Crafts?

Shrinky Dinks are clear sheets of plastic that you can color, shrink in the oven, and turn into charms or key chains. Kids love Shrinky Dinks, and you can make your own with some things you probabl... Read More »

What is a Shrinky Dink?

A shrinky dink is a shrinkable plastic sheet that comes in kid's activity kits. When heated in an oven, a Shrinky dink shrinks to on-third its original size and becomes nine times thicker. Kids can... Read More »