When people record songs what do their headphones connect to?

Answer When in a recording studio, there is a complex mix of wires, outs and ins that are all connected into itself. Usually, all the inputs (guitars, microphones, amps etc) all join connect to the mixin... Read More »

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What cartoon was it when a couple of insects formed a band then couldn't get someone to record their songs and in the end sung a song about Hollywood?

Mr. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, was a science officer on the USS Enterprise in the television series "Star Trek."

Do people listen to their headphones at dangerous levels?

Do people on American idol pick their songs?

They choose which song they will sing from a limited number of songs

How do people get songs on their MP3 players if downloading is illegal now?

Itunes is completely legal, and each song cost 99 cents. If you don't want to pay for downloading songs, you can use limewire. The excuse used by the creators of limewire is that they are "sharing"... Read More »