When people record songs what do their headphones connect to?

Answer When in a recording studio, there is a complex mix of wires, outs and ins that are all connected into itself. Usually, all the inputs (guitars, microphones, amps etc) all join connect to the mixin... Read More »

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I deleted all my songs on my PC by accident, if I connect my Ipod 60gb will all songs on that be erased?

As long as you don't sync it. You can copy the songs from your ipod back to you computer. They won't be in mp3 format, but a file only recognized by your ipod. This would be a good thing to do, ... Read More »

How can you connect headphones to a television without headphones output?

Well it must have some kind of sound output to speakers, they'll work fine in there, or if you use any kind of satellite box try using it with that,

If i erase all my songs I have in my itunes library will it erase the songs off my ipod next time i connect it?

Yup... which is why I have a 120 Gig iPod... keeps me safe lol

How to Record Vocals Without Headphones?

Ever notice that some singers have a hard time recording their vocals on pitch when wearing headphones? This is due to the proximity of the speaker cone to the ear canal, which, depending on the si... Read More »