When painting a house exterior, should you use a primer?

Answer On One Hand: Just a PrimerMany homeowners opt to leave preparation to simply applying a coat of primer before using the paint. While using a primer is necessary for a long-lasting paint job, avoidi... Read More »

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How to Know What Things to Consider Before Painting the Exterior of Your House?

Your home is chipped, cracked exterior paint is peeling off and it's looking worse by the hour. These are a few things you should consider before taking on a big project.

How long do I let my Kilz 2 primer dry before painting?

According to Masterchem Industries Kilz 2, Latex primer will be ready for a coat of paint after one hour. Kilz 2 will be dry to the touch after 30 minutes but at that time will not yet be ready for... Read More »

Will primer help on walls that sweat before painting?

Painting with primer on walls that sweat (or collect condensation) can help to alleviate the problem, but you have to use the right kind of primer. According to Paulette Rossi, there are primer pai... Read More »

Exterior painting question help!!?

your mentor is 100% wrong and has his head up his, you know always pressure wash the outside of a home for new paint dude.and here is why(1) dirt and grime build up on old existing paint(... Read More »