When or how often do you transplant an orchid?

Answer You should only repot an orchid once a year for most orchids. Usually in the spring when you start to see new growth'sPaphs & Phrags (lady Slipper Orchids) should be repotted every 6-9 months.

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What should I do with this orchid?

They are top heavy.The site tells when and where to cut them.

How do I look after my orchid?

Orchids do not like lots water nor sun. Orchids love to be crammed in pots. The roots you are referring to is normal for a healthy Orchid. Those roots should be misted a little bit every few days t... Read More »

Any orchid experts around?

They are an extremely complicated species(though some species are very easy to grow) sometimes, but how beautiful they are indeed. What I know is that every orchid species has it's specific requi... Read More »

What to Do Once an Orchid Has Bloomed?

Orchids are a beautiful plant that produces many blossoms for months at a time. The phalaenopsis orchid, also known as the moth orchid, blooms again in the same blooming season if you trim the stal... Read More »