When or how often do you transplant an orchid?

Answer You should only repot an orchid once a year for most orchids. Usually in the spring when you start to see new growth'sPaphs & Phrags (lady Slipper Orchids) should be repotted every 6-9 months.

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What Type of Fertilizer Will Your Orchid Love, and When & How Often You Should Feed It?

Orchids, one of the most popular flowering houseplants in the United States, adapt relatively easily to indoor conditions, despite naturally growing outdoors. Depending on the orchid's particular g... Read More »

How often do you water an orchid?

Never add icy cold water to an Orchid Plant. regardless if it touches the plant or not. Only use warm or tepid water. Never remove a blooming orchid from it's pot. It will surely loose it's blooms.... Read More »

How Often Should an Orchid Be Watered?

Orchids are members of one of the most abundant and varied flowering plant families, the Orchidaceae, with more than 20,000 known species. Orchids are especially common in humid, tropical regions, ... Read More »

When Do I Prune the Spike From an Orchid?

The brightly-colored blooms of the orchid flower sprout off of stems known as spikes, which feature small nodes that promote healthy new growth at the beginning of each growing season. When it come... Read More »