When on Wikipedia on my iPhone, NONE of the pictures are there?

Answer Open an article with the Wikipedia app.Scroll to the bottom of an article.Click on the Enable Images On Mobile Site link.Done.

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Is my iPhone 4 slow because of all my pictures and videos, or is there another reason?

You will need to try each and every thing it could be to know. I have a cell phone that was acting crazing and crashing because it couldn't take all the apps I had on it. It was telling me that I... Read More »

My iPhone 4 takes blurry pictures when the flash in on?

Hello Vanessa,Here are a couple of ideas:1. Try taking a picture with your iPhone out of its case.2. Check the back of the phone for a removable protective film and see if removing it makes any dif... Read More »

When is it in bad taste to be taking pictures with my sweet new iphone?

You're a great boss. The good thing with the new iPhone is being able to edit video on the go as well. That means in addition to the intern footage you can splice in the scene involving you riding ... Read More »

Why are iPhone 4 pictures only 1.8 -2 MB when imported and viewed in iPhoto?