When my pc is turned on it makes a loud buzzing noise then stops. Whats the problem?

Answer Probably one of the fans, if it's not beeping.Might be a CD ROM drive. Check and see if anything is in there... it usually starts during boot and stops after boot.

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Help my computer tower is making a really loud buzzing noise?

Yes deffinatley a physical problem! do not open it if you still have a valid warrenty as this will void it! you usually get 3 year warrenties with computers so get the pros to fix it. If you have n... Read More »

Recently my computer has been making a loud buzzing/whirring noise?

Open up the case and have a listen but it sounds like one of the fans in the PC is starting to go.The reason I say open the case is that, although you can hear it from the back fan area, the sound ... Read More »