When my computer goes into hibernation mode, it resets my screen resolution?

Answer Sounds to me like you need to either update your video monitor or your video card.

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When I open my computer the screen goes straight to sleep mode! (HELP)?

You will need your original Windows CD/DVD to remedy this problem, if you have the recovery program created on a partitioned section of your hard drive do not use that as it will format the machine... Read More »

Screen Goes black when switching to full screen mode when watching video feeds ?

What has worked for me so far (knock on wood) is when you have the video in it's original size (not full screen), right click, click "settings" and then click the left-most tab on the page that com... Read More »

Screen Resolution after Hibernation?

To revert your screen back to it's old self, do the following steps (you will need a 2 button mouse):1. Right click on the desktop2. Click on properties3. Click on settings or display (varies from ... Read More »

What Does It Mean When a Car Goes Into Limp Mode?

In the early 1980s, computerized vehicle control started with the emissions system, but soon computer use in vehicles became more prevalant. Today, computers control the heating and air-conditionin... Read More »