When my computer goes into hibernation mode, it resets my screen resolution?

Answer Sounds to me like you need to either update your video monitor or your video card.

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Screen Resolution after Hibernation?

To revert your screen back to it's old self, do the following steps (you will need a 2 button mouse):1. Right click on the desktop2. Click on properties3. Click on settings or display (varies from ... Read More »

Does Stand by mode take electricity, or hibernation does?

Hibernation actually shuts the computer down, so it will save energy. The way it works is that Windows saves information about it's state before shutting down, and then when it restarts, it reloads... Read More »

Computer screen resolution problem?

It clearly means you have to install video drivers :)I think you got bunch of dvd's while you got this PC. search it among them one if Video drivers Or you can download it from internet (Recommende... Read More »

How do you change screen resolution on computer?

You need to reinstall your video card drivers. Go to the start menu, right click on my computer and select properties. Then in the hardware tab click device manager. Look for all the hardware devic... Read More »