When must I stop for a school bus?

Answer When driving, it can be hard to tell when one needs to stop in the presence of a school bus. However, there are specific laws aimed at protecting children and drivers.Two-Lane RoadsOn two-lane road... Read More »

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What does it mean when parents must think of contingencies if school shuts down?

Some schools may temporarily close to prevent the flu from spreading. So. this means that parents who normally drop their kids off at school for the day, will need to have daycare or someone else ... Read More »

How far do you have to be behind a school bus when it puts its stop sign out?

The exact distance a car is required to stop from a school bus when its stop sign is displayed varies from area to area; although, some states, like Pennsylvania, require that a vehicle stops at le... Read More »

Who must stop at railroad crossings?

Vehicles that must stop at railroad crossings include any bus carrying passengers, any school bus, any vehicle carrying explosive substances, and any crawler-type tractor or any vehicle that goes 1... Read More »

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